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How Night Guards, Mouth Guards, & Snore Guards Are Different

Night Guard Mouth Guard Wyoming Mi

Wondering if you need a mouth guard? You may be surprised to learn that there are different types of mouth guards for various dental needs. At Family Dentistry, we offer three types:

Night Guards

If you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck or sore jaw, you may be a good candidate for a night guard.

Night guards help people who suffer from bruxism, or grinding and/or clenching their teeth at night. They create a snug barrier between the teeth to prevent any damage. People grind or clench their teeth for a number of reasons, including:

  • Stress or anxiety
  • Abnormal bite
  • Missing or crooked teeth
  • Sleep apnea

The Effects of Grinding Your Teeth

There are more serious side effects to grinding your teeth at night than your partner or roommate complaining about the noise in the morning. Night guards can prevent against dental issues such as:

Snore Guards

Mouth guards can do more than provide a simple barrier between your teeth to prevent grinding. A snore guard is a mouth guard that can help decrease snoring.

Snoring isn’t the sound of air getting pushed through the nose. It actually is the sound of air getting constricted farther back in your airway behind your tongue. The soft tissues in your throat vibrate against each other, resulting in a snore.

Snore guards help keep your jaw aligned and forward, which creates more room for air to flow in your throat, preventing the snoring sound. 

Mouth Guards for Sports

You may have had experience wearing a mouth guard if you played sports as a student. Mouth guards for sports protect your teeth from injury due to an outside force.

Many dental emergencies, such as a lost or broken tooth, are the result of sporting accidents. By wearing a mouth guard, even when playing recreationally, you can protect yourself from the pain and panic of dealing with a dental emergency.

Many athletes, especially student athletes, simply buy a mouth guard from the store, boil it, and bite it at home. However, you should consider getting a custom-made mouth guard from a dentist. Sports mouth guards made by dentists tend to be more durable and fit better than those that are store bought. In an emergency, you’ll want to know that your sports mouth guard was made especially for you for just these types of circumstances.

“Aren’t All Mouth Guards the Same?”

No. You should have the right mouth guard for your dental needs.

For example, you may be wondering if your sports mouth guard can moonlight as your night guard to stop you from grinding your teeth. But these dental devices are made with two different purposes in mind. A sports guard is made to protect your teeth from forces outside of your mouth; a night guard is built to protect your teeth from the pressure of your bite. One is made to fit snugly while you run, jump, and play; the other is designed to fit securely while you sleep.

Get the Right Mouth Guard Today

Our Wyoming, MI, dentists provide these three specific mouth guards with your needs in mind. We can help you determine which mouth guard is right for you. Call Family Dental at (616) 534-5602 to schedule an appointment today, or contact us online.