Sports Mouthguard Dentist Wyoming MI


Most of the dental emergencies we see in our office are sports-related. A mouthguard can protect your teeth if you have an accident while playing sports. Without a mouthguard, you run the risk of breaking your teeth or suffering soft tissue injuries from a sports-related accident, whether that’s due to contact with a ball, another player, or the ground.

Even if you don’t play sports in a league, it’s a good idea to have a mouthguard on hand if you ever enjoy sports recreationally. Many sports-related injuries are actually from sports that don’t involve a ball, such as skating or gymnastics, and you can get injured even if you’re just doing these things for fun.

Mouthguards are particularly important if you have braces, as the brackets can cut the inside of your mouth without much pressure. Our mouthguard dentists recommend that children wear mouthguards during gym class while their braces are on.

Professional Sports Mouthguards

A custom-made sports mouthguard can protect your teeth from injury. While sporting goods stores sell both premade and boil-and-bite mouthguards, these are no replacement for a custom mouthguard made by a dental professional.

Store-bought mouthguards are less durable and fit less snugly than a professionally-made mouthguard, which means they’re prone to slipping or falling out during sporting events. Our sportsguard dentists will ensure that your new mouthguard fits snugly against your teeth for the highest quality of protection and maximum comfort.

The Wyoming, MI mouthguard dentists at Ryan Frederickson DDS want to make sure that your teeth stay safe during sporting practices and games. To make an appointment, give our office a call at (616) 534-5602.