Wyoming MI Dental Implant Dentist


3D imaging is a type of x-ray technology that allows us to get a full view of the inside of your mouth. Using a special camera, our Wyoming dental implant dentists will scan your mouth to create a digital 3D image that we can move and manipulate.

This image will help us determine the best places to embed your implants. 3D technology allows us to use fewer implants to achieve the same results, as we’re able to strategically place your implants where they are needed most.

In-Office 3D Imaging

In the past, the only way to get a 3D x-ray was at the doctor’s office or a hospital. Modern dental technology has made it easier than ever, and now we offer this type of scan right in our office.

Our in-office 3D imaging technology lets us see a virtual model of your entire jaw before we begin the dental implant process. We can view your mouth from all angles in order to plan the perfect surgery. This helps us anticipate any unexpected issues and allows us to avoid running into your nerves during the dental implant procedure.

3D imaging gives us complete control over your dental implants. We’ll use the scan to analyze the condition of your jawbone and find the most effective sites for your future implants.

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