Tooth Extraction Dentist Wyoming MI


Our dentists will examine your teeth and gums. They’ll also take x-rays to see if they can restore your oral health without extracting teeth. Since tooth extraction is permanent, our dentists save it as a last resort. If we can’t salvage your tooth, we’ll prepare you for dental extraction.

First, our dentists will numb your tooth so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Once you’re numb, we’ll use a tool called an “elevator” to loosen the tooth out of its socket. Next, we’ll use forceps to gently wiggle your tooth back and forth until it’s loose enough to remove.

Once we extract the tooth, one of our dentists will then have you bite down on a gauze pad to help stem the bleeding. Depending on how the dental extraction went, we may place a few dissolving stitches to help you heal faster.

Aftercare Instructions

Rest for at least 24 hours after tooth extraction so your body has a chance to heal. If we don’t prescribe you pain relievers, you may use over-the-counter alternatives. Applying an ice bag to your face for 10 minutes can also help you manage pain and swelling.

Replace soaked gauze pads with fresh ones as needed. Continue biting down on gauze pads 3 to 4 hours after dental extraction. That way, you’ll have the best chance of forming a blood clot in your tooth socket. A blood clot protects the underlying bone and nerves, preventing infection.

After tooth extraction do NOT:

  • Eat solid foods (Instead, try soft foods like yogurt.)
  • Drink from a straw
  • Brush or floss near the extraction site
  • Rinse mouth or spit with force
  • Smoke

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