Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist Wyoming MI



You may need wisdom tooth extraction if a third molar is coming in crooked. Some patients also don’t have enough space in their jaws to accommodate the extra teeth. If this describes your situation, our dentists will recommend wisdom teeth removal. That way, you can avoid the health complications of having impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth often get stuck underneath the gums or partially erupt. When this happens, you risk developing an infection called pericoronitis. Wisdom teeth may also push other teeth out of the way so they can erupt, undoing years of orthodontics. Call our dentists today if you’re experiencing any wisdom tooth pain.

Not all patients need wisdom teeth removal. For example, you may be able to keep your wisdom teeth if they’re coming in straight and there’s enough room in the jaw. Our dentists will be able to determine what’s the best course of action to protect your oral health.

What to Expect

Are your wisdom teeth still beneath your gums or have they erupted? The answer will determine your experience with wisdom teeth removal. If your wisdom teeth haven’t erupted, we may need to refer you to an oral surgeon. If your wisdom teeth have erupted, our dentists will be able to handle the procedure.

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