Periodontal Therapy Dentist Wyoming MI


Scaling and root planing can help slow the progression of periodontal disease. During scaling and root planing, we use a tool to remove tartar from both above and below the gums. One of our dentists will also smooth out the exposed tooth root. That way, your receding gums have a chance of reattaching to your teeth.

Once we’re done with periodontal therapy, we’ll insert a small probe to check the depth of your gum pockets. Patients with periodontal disease often have deep gum pockets around teeth. Over time, these gum pockets accumulate plaque and tartar.

Many patients are able to reduce the size of gum pockets with periodontal therapy. Ask our Wyoming, MI dentists if you’re a candidate for scaling and root planing. During your appointment, we’ll also give you tips for periodontal maintenance at home.

Aftercare Instructions

We may suggest more frequent teeth cleanings and oral examinations. That way, our dentists will be able to stay ahead of your periodontal disease so it doesn’t worsen. The earlier we start periodontal therapy, the more you’ll be able to protect your teeth and gums.

At home, you need to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily. We also recommend using a fluoride mouth rinse to strengthen tooth enamel. Call our office if you have any questions about periodontal maintenance.

Our periodontal therapy dentists in Wyoming, MI are accepting new patients. To request an appointment with Ryan Frederickson DDS or Lee Frederickson DDS, call (616) 534-5602.